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Full-stack Programmer, DevSecOps'er who can bootstrap on a shoestring budget, and Start-up Firefighter


Websites, Webapps, Hybrid mobile apps... (Mostly Vue; some React and Angular1; I once lived the PHP + jQuery life, and before that, built desktop apps in C++/wxWidgets)

Full-Stack and End to End

I have turned napkin-sketches into products, demos into platforms, and deadlines into launchpads.

Whenever and wherever I'm needed, I slot in to get things moving forward -- from designing and building frontends with pixel perfect responsiveness on all screen sizes, to weaving an elegantly coherent whole out of RESTFul services, bespoke 4th normal databases and asset-caching strategies.

Turn on a Dime: I switch from cloud-admin to site reliability to doing builds for sales to data engineer on demand -- on occassion, by literally swivelling my chair back and forth.


RESTful APIs, SQL Databases, (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite3, Redshift, a little Oracle, memories of Microsoft SQL Server in the 2000s) Redis...

Team Player

Being a full-stack programmer also means that when I join a team in a pure front- (or back-) end role, I can mesh quickly and comfortably with the others, as I understand the challenges they're tackling.

My philosophy is that there's something new to learn from everyone at the table, and that every collaboration is productive if you're patient and understanding. I enjoy it when I can do deep dives with customers to really understand their pain-points and wish-lists, as it's always resulted in a better roadmap to MVP and beyond.


Because this career combines my two favorite things: constantly learning new things by solving puzzles, and helping people out.

DevSecOps for Bootstrapping Companies

By leveraging well established practices and interfaces, I rapidly stand up sustainable product dev/qa/release processes that are simple enough to run on minimal investment in the early years, but position the project to elegantly grow into full fledged scale -- without a need to go back and strip out decisions that falter under load.

Secure by Design: I build with privacy, safe PHI/PII handling, and Zero Trust baked in. I've supported projects impacted by PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR, and marshalled audits (supply chain / licensing / pen-tests) over the finish line.

JavaScript/Bash source released under the MIT License.